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▶ Please note that additional components will be provided depending on the number of sunlocks purchased
– 1 piece (5 TSGELs)
– 2 pieces (10 TSGELs + microfiber cloth)
– 3 pieces (15 TSGELs + microfiber cloth + dust bag)
– 4 pieces (1 sunlocks) +20 TSGEL+microfiber cloth+dust bag)
-5 pcs (1 sunlock+25 TSGEL+microfiber cloth+dust bag)
-6 pcs (1 sunlock+30 TSGEL+2 microfiber cloth+2 dust bags)
-7 pcs (2 sunlacs + 35 TSGELs + 2 microfiber cloths + 2 dust bags)
– 8 pcs (2 sunlacs + 40 TSGELs + 2 microfiber cloths + 2 dust bags)
– 9 pcs (2 sunlacs + 45 TSGELs ) + 2 microfiber cloths + 2 dust bags)
– 10 pieces (3 Sunlocks + 50 TSGELs + 2 microfiber cloths + 2 dust bags)

▶Please indicate the color of the additional sunblock in the “order message” (if not stated, it will be sent randomly)

▶Review promise – We will give additional items to those who review on personal SNS.

1. Microfiber towel 2. Dust bag

▷How to promise a review

– Please enter the product you want in the “Order-related message” and we will send it to you along with the ordered product (ex: I will review/please number 1.)

-Please confirm the post where you reviewed the product after receiving it via our “Website: Q&A” or “Insta ID: tsts_idf_01” DM (ex: review, reviewed, @tsts_idf_01 ..)

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Additional products


[delivery information]

  • All countries other than Korea (overseas)
  • Purchasesmore than 2 sheet--> shipping cost 50% discount
  • 한국
  • - 배송비 : 3000원
  • - 5만원 이상 무료배송
  • - 제주도 및 도서산간 추가비용발생(계좌입금)






▶Additional components

▷ts gel (anti-fog gel)
▷Large microfiber towel
▷Dust bag
▷Mini Stray Container


▶How to use sunlock

1. Apply an appropriate amount of ts gel to a microfiber towel.
2. Wipe the inner surface of the sunlock with a towel soaked in ts gel.
3. Wipe the inside of the clear shield with a towel soaked in ts gel.
(With operations 1.2.3, the gel is thinly coated and the anti-fog function becomes possible.)
(The anti-fog function may vary depending on the weather, humidity, and number of times of wearing, but it lasts for about 15 days to a month.)
4. Clear Shield When attaching the sunlock –
Tighten in the order of ① lower pin – ② upper pin – ③ opposite lower pin – ④ opposite upper pin on the clear shield, and when fastening ③ opposite lower, “lift the sunlock slightly” and align it with the pin and raise it. It is concluded.
(Because the clear shield is curved, you must follow method ③ to fasten it)
5. When detaching the sunlock, it can be easily detached by first removing the upper pins on both sides and then removing the lower pins on both sides.
After detaching, roll it gently and store it in a dust bag for easy portability.




※ Precautions for using sunlock

-Sunlock is not a product that can be used by attaching an existing pin lock.
– Please follow the Sunlock quick guide and use it alone
. -Fine stripes may be visible on the surface after removing the protective tape. This occasionally occurs due to the nature of processing, but there is no problem with wearing it.
-If you put ts gel directly on sunlock and wipe it, stains may occur, so it is recommended to put ts gel on a microfiber towel first, rub it in, and then rub it on the inside of sunlock and the inside of the clear shield.
– If a stain occurs due to a large amount of ts gel, it is recommended to lightly moisten it with water and wipe it together. (There is a mini spray can that can be used/carried with water in the additional component.)
– When storing sunlock in a dust bag, rolling it strongly will cause tunnel (condensation) ) may occur, so please be careful.
-Be sure to roll the sunlock inward (with the front of the sunlock facing outward).





▶For inquiries, please use Q&A.

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