▶Delivery information
[Domestic general delivery]
*Delivery company: CJ Courier
*Delivery cost: 3,000 won
*Delivery period: 3 to 7 days (based on business days) – Delays and out of stock may occur due to circumstances at the supplier.
– For products that take longer than the standard delivery period or are out of stock, we will contact you individually.
[Jeju Island (additional 3,000 won)/ and islands and mountainous areas incur an additional shipping fee of 3,000 won.] + Automatic transfer

[Overseas shipping]
*Delivery company: DHL Courier
*Shipping cost: 30,000 won~(varies by country)
*Delivery period: 7 to 30 days

▶Exchange/Refund Information
* After ordering, it is not possible to add products or exchange for other products before or after delivery.
* If you wish to add or change (exchange) a product, please cancel/return it and place a new order.
[Things to keep in mind when exchanging/returning]
In case of a simple change of mind, exchange/return is possible within 7 days from the date of receipt (exchange/return costs are borne by the customer).
In case of defective product or incorrect delivery, exchange/return is possible within 3 months from the date of receipt and within 30 days from the date the fact became known (exchange/return fee free. Company borne)
※However, in the following cases, it may be refused despite the exchange/return period.
– If the product is lost or damaged due to reasons attributable to the customer.
– If the value of the product has decreased significantly due to the customer’s use or partial consumption.
– If the value of the product has decreased significantly over time to the extent that resale is difficult.
[Exchange/Return Method]
You must send it to the return address below after “Q&A on Sunrock’s website or submit a customer service request” within the exchange/return period.
(If not received, additional confirmation time may be required).
When sending it, please package it as you received it and send it using CJ Courier with cash on delivery.
※Exchange/return shipping costs
+ In case of simple change of mind, the customer is responsible. + In case of product defects or incorrect delivery, the company is responsible for the responsibility.
When depositing the shipping fee, please be sure to deposit it in the name of the orderer.
▷Return address: IDIP, 1st floor, 139 Sindeok-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu
(If you use another courier service, please note that the courier fee will be borne by the customer.)
Exchanges and returns accepted, product inquiries: 070.4365.3693

▶Cancellation and refund information
– Cancellation and refund will be processed directly by the company after confirmation of receipt.
– You can also request cancellation directly on My Page. (However, you must mention cancellation/refund through the customer center or Q&A.)
– Cancellation of payment amount can only be done using the method of payment.
– Refunds can only be processed to the same account as the customer’s name on which payment was made.
– When paying by card, payment is made through the payment PG company, and partial cancellation is not possible for payments to which the card company’s discount benefits have been applied.
– For payments that cannot be partially canceled (gift card payment), please cancel the entire payment method and place a new order.
– After the initial credit card payment, it is not possible to change the number of installment months/change the payment card/change the payment method.
– The canceled amount cannot be replaced with another order.
[Cancel virtual account/virtual account escrow]
– Escrow is available for refund after ‘purchase decision’ through the purchase decision email you receive after receiving the product.
– A purchase decision email will be sent based on receipt of the first delivered product. If a refund is required due to cancellation/return, etc., a refund for the amount of cancellation will be processed through the PG company after the ‘purchase decision.’
– Cancellation amount can be confirmed in your refund account up to 5 days after receipt by PG company (based on business days).
[Cancel card]
– A refund will be processed for the amount canceled through the PG company.
– In the case of a partial cancellation, the cancellation will be accepted as a partial card payment equal to the cancellation amount, and cancellation details can be checked up to 7 days after the cancellation is processed due to a cancellation approved by the affiliated store.
*Cases where card partial cancellation is not possible
– Partial cancellation is not possible for credit card company promotional discount payments.
– If you are using a card that cannot be partially canceled, please cancel the entire card and place a new order.

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