We will inform you of the model names scheduled for update other than those in the category.

2024-04-10 13:55
In addition to the products currently available for purchase in the category, there are models that are “not updated” and models that are “in development.”

The products that will be updated and available for purchase next week or the following week are as follows.
AGV- GT-6 (K3/K5)
HJC- i71/hj100
X.LITE- x1004/x1005/x403GT

Because the types of helmets are so diverse and subdivided, it takes a long time and effort to produce a single Sunlock finished product.
We cannot announce models currently under development because they must be tested before they are included in the update list, but there may be models we miss or are unaware of.
If your helmet is not in the category, please contact us at Q&A / Instagram ID: tsts_idf_01 / 010 4572 9932 and we will respond.
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